Photographs with Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

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Sightseeing now goes outside Tblisi into the wine country to vineyards and ancient cathedrals.

 A modern church? No, Built in Soviet times, 1985, it is the Palace of Ceremonies and Rituals [for non-religious weddings, for instance].

An apartment building with traditional balconies and a clock. Some fancy casinos are in Tblisi and here is one of them. A view of the countryside, agricultural lands and many grape vines. Another view of the distant fields of Kakheti region. We arrive at the vineyard of Shaloshvili wines.

Grape vines.

Temperature-regulated stainless steel vats.

Crushed grapes are aged in the ground in covered clay vats.

The slurry is mixed periodically.

Some of the finished products.

Another aging room.

Some wines are aged in traditional barrels. Outside, some old clay carbouys. Time for lunch. Potatoes and chicken and the customary tomatoes and cucumbers. Eggplant and cheese roll.
Gremi citadel and the Church of the Archangles, built 16th century. We do not visit but pass by.
A Georgian cowboy.

A good dog helps move the cattle.

Outer wall of Alverdi Cathedral complex.
The church, from the 11th century.

Ancient tree.

Some parts of the wall go back to the 4th century.

Wherever you go in Georgia, you will find grapes, even here.






The massive gate to enter the grounds.




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