A  Music, Dance, and Spiritual Journey in Rajasthan, India
February 16 February 28, 2016


Yuval Ron and Members of His Ensemble



Photographs with Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel


Yuval Ron, I am glad to say, is a friend. He is a composer of modern music for film, television, dance, documentaries, and healing; an oud musician and director of an ensemble that focuses on music of the Middle East; and foremost a peacemaker who applies music to bring people of different, often antagonistic religions together in common effort. I was a member of the touring group who accompanied him and fellow musicians. I participated because of a lifelong passion with music, be it classical of all periods, jazz, psychedelic rock, blues, and especially world (both traditional and popular).  My broad amateur ethnomusicological studies have spanned Central and East Asian, African, Native American, and east Mediterranean and Levant cultures and focused on music as a spiritual vehicle within the main traditional religions, chiefly Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sufism of Islam.  India is the origin or a center of these religions, and Rajasthan (and the Punjab) are homelands of the Romani people, Gypsies. Of a family of Jewish Kohens and, until recently, a long line of rabbis, I am a scholar, scientist, and also mystic, indeed, a practicing Korean Zen Buddhist. Already well familiar with the various musical styles of this land from recordings, I traveled once again with Yuval Ron to experience Rajasthani musicians and witness dances to the infectious, fast rhythms. Having been in Delhi and Agra in 1985 on my seven-week Asian pilgrimage, this visit also allowed me to see how much India has developed while continuing its cultural traditions. A fan of Spanish flamenco music and dance, their connection to Rajasthan soon became evident.  The Romani diaspora has influenced the musical culture of many lands. The excellent documentary musical film Latcho Drom (meaning Safe Journey), which covers their movement across North Africa and Europe, begins in Rajasthan.


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Saturday, February 13      [Dubai]

Monday, February 15         [Delhi]

Wednesday, February 17  [Udaipur]

Friday, February 19          [Ranakpur]

Saturday, February 20      [Jaisalmer]

Sunday, February 21         [Jaisalmer 2]

Monday, February 22       [On the Road to Jodhpur]

Tuesday, February 23       [Pushkar/Ajmer]

Friday, February 26          [Jaipur]

Saturday, February 28     [Delhi & return]



Instruments of Rajasthan

Tour Leader:

          Yuval Ron

The Musicians:

          Yuval Ron, oud & musical direction
          Carolyne Aycaguer, harmonium
                  Silan Aycaguer-Ron, apprentice
                  Julien Aycaguer-Ron, apprentice
          Jamie Papish, percussion
          Katyanna Anita Zoroghlian, vocal

Fellow Travelers:

          Roy Baker
          Wendy Becker
          Karen Bergen
          Cecile Benson
          Tom Bernard
          Debra Jan Bibel
          Dennis Boardman
          Janice Briski
          Maynard Caitlin
          Patricia Cassinelli
          Gail Clark
          Zena Eleanor David
          David Farber
          Carole Jean Foley
          Richard Gold
          Pearl Gold
          Dorothy Henckel
          Rik Howard
          Mary Jo Keshock
          Marion Klein
          Malcom Lansky
          Frank McKulka
          Pam McKulka
          Evelyn Maestre
          Ilan Migdali
          Janice Parakilas
          Joan Roberts
          Ruth Broyde Sharone
          Leora Sharone
          Sage Spatz
          Andrea Trautwein
          Andrea Vasconcellos
          David Yosha
          Judy Zimmet  

Tour Director, Guide, and Agency:

          Sajida Ben-Tzur, Director & Maven
          Muralidharan 'Lee', Guide Extraordinaire
          Carmel India Tours, Pvt. Ltd., Delhi