A Cultural Musical Journey of Andalusia, Spain
May 31 – June 11, 2010


Yuval Ron and Members of His Ensemble



Photographs and Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

Music: Lo Yira [Tree of Life / Yuval Ron Ensemble / Magda: 3 min excerpt] 


I was a member of the touring group who accompanied the musicians. I participated because of a lifelong passion with music, be it classical, jazz, rock, blues, and especially world (both traditional and popular).  My broad amateur ethnomusicological studies have spanned Central and East Asian, African, Native American, and east Mediterranean cultures and focused on music as a spiritual vehicle within the main traditional religions, chiefly Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sufism of Islam.  Spain had a personal draw, since according to paternal family records and lore, before eventually settling in Poland via Holland, my family dwelled in Gerona, in Catalonia, Spain, which during the Middle Ages was the seat of the Kabbalah.  Surely, my ancestors must have resided first in Andalusia and migrated north to more hospitable cities, free from war and strife. Of a family of Jewish Kohens and, until recently, a long line of rabbis, I am scholar, scientist, but also mystic, indeed, a practicing Korean Zen Buddhist. Already familiar with flamenco from both readings and concerts and with the history of Moorish Spain, what enticed me to join this journey was the opportunity to be the 'fly on the wall' as these Middle Eastern musicians  interact with gypsy flamenco artists, share their respective musical forms, and find common ground.  All of this coalesced one evening in a brief aesthetic-induced transpersonal experience in Jerez. Olé!


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Tuesday, June 1          [Madrid]

Wednesday, June 2    [Cordoba]

Thursday, June 3        [Cordoba]

Friday, June 4              [Sevilla]

Saturday, June 5         [Jerez]

Sunday, June 6           [Jerez]

Monday, June 7           [Granada]

Tuesday, June 8          [Granada]

Wednesday, June 9    [Sevilla]

Thursday, June 10      [Madrid]


Appendix: Food

Tour Leader:

          Yuval Ron

The Musicians:

          Yuval Ron, oud & musical direction
          Maya Haddi, vocals
          Jamie Papish, percussion
          Norik Manoukian, woodwinds

The Intrepid Travelers:

          Oscar Abeliuk
          Michael Benghiat
          Karen Bergen
          Dinah Berland
          Debra Jan Bibel
          Mark Byers
          Kaye Like
          Lara Ferguson
          Sheila Horowitz
          Dalia Ron
          Bonnie Weiss
          Shirley Zadaca 

Tour Operator:

          Eduardo Subirats,
          Latitud 4 Destination Management