Photographs and Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

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Our visit of Bodrum continued. Again, it is a historically strategic city.  Thus, the Knights Hospitailer of Rhodes built a castle in the 15th century here to protect the harbor and bay. Today, the castle is a museum specializing in underwater archeology with collections of material from sunken vessels.  Bodrum itself has become an international resort and artist center. Its hills are covered with white-painted homes, which add to its charm. In the boat harbor are vessels that give their home base as Wilmington, DE.  If that sounds familiar, that is where many large corporations have offices to gain a tax advantage. Thus, these fine yachts are corporate toys. I came across other boats from France, Italy, and Massachusetts. Earlier in the day, members of the tour visited a hamam, the Turkish bath, including an optional massage. I declined and walked the short distance to the waterfront, boat docks, and Bodrum Castle.

It seems that every city and town has a statue of Ataturk. It is like every town in the USA having a commemoration of George Washington. Where is Turkey's Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King? The waterfront is lined with restaurants and shops, and tucked a little behind is an upscale mall. My grandniece loves dancing the tango; this image is for her. Inside the restaurant, night club. After inspecting the many restaurants, I chose this one because of price and particularly its decor. Lunch is more attractive with such touches.
An enticing alley. One arm of the bay of Bodrum. A forest of masts. One of many jetties. Both sail and powerboats are present in the harbor. A row of gullets.



A tirhandil, with pointed bow and stern. Bodrum Castle. Cacti. All of a class. Another composition: pipes that caught my eye. The Blues Brothers maintain their influence
Next to the castle entrance is a gallery. The attractive space has character and provides a cool shelter from the hot sun. The artist, who lines cityscapes on bright watercolor washes. Entrance to the castle/museum. The sign is weathered and is fading. Crusaders were here.
Into the light. Up onto the first landing. Between the walls. Amphora display. Demonstration how amphora stack. The variety of amphora; they differ by location and era.

Roman mosaic. Byzantine mosaic. Inside the walls, a chamber. Greek shipwreck documentation. The prow. These nevereached the market.

Recovered coins. [Joshkun's photo, edited] Jewelry [Joshkun's photo, edited] Egyptian jewelry [Marina's photo, edited] Model cutaway to show storage location in Egyptian vessel. From the ramparts a view of Bodrum. The harbor beyond the mosque.
Sphinx from 351 B.C. A view to the other side of the bay.. Yachts anchored in the bay. The English Tower: benches and table. The English Tower's Coats of Arms. Back into the city streets. Herbs and spices, fruit and nuts.
Interesting architectural tower.. A close-up view. As Sage and I were having coffee, we heard drums and shrill zuma reeds. A procession was occurring for a lad who was recently circumcised. The rite is called Sünnet and takes place traditionally when the boy is six to nine, before puberty. Modern parents have it done while the boy is still an infant. The boy is attired in a fancy white tunic and turban as a prince. Later there will be photos of such costumes. Afterwards, the boy is considered religiously adult. A birthday celebration. Malcolm and Sandra serenade Chloe.

The  cake appears with a sparkler.

Nice try, Chloe! But we know you were joking.

The first slice is  with a weapon.


Addendum: Yuval and Dennis B. at the haman. [Cherise's photo, edited]


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