FOÇA - 2

Photographs and Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

   Music: Aegean Sailor  [Omar Faruk Tekbilek / Süleyman the Magnificent / Celestial Harmonies]: 3 min excerpt

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This day in Foça was actually spent off its coast at sea, enjoying the marine air, the warmth, the sights of weathered cliffs and rocks, and, for some, a dip into the Aegean. It was a time to unwind and relax. And the lunch was both appropriate and delicious.  Come aboard . . .

Our vessel for the excursion. Some folks  preferred the lower deck, but others chose this upper deck, still keeping in the shade. Others opted for sunbathing. Behind the stern some seagulls appear. And their friends arrive. More assemble.

A scene from Hitchcock's The Birds?The reason was that food for lunch was being prepared and scraps were frequently thrown overboard.

We motor out. The chalk banks do not resist well the cave-producing force of waves. The islets Orak and Incir are traditionally designated as the Siren's Rocks of Homer. The Siren's song was the play of the wind.


Swimming to the cliffs.

The rocky shoreline. Hidden inlets. And hidden caves. The force of wind sculpted these mini city-like structures. More caves, which continue under water. Rock slides.
Another cave tucked into a inlet. Narrow passages. Another fantastic wind sculpture. The sheering power of wind. Heading out to a new area. These boats came from Greece.
The water is crystal clear. An amusing sign. A rich person's hideaway. Joshkun and the national game. Lunch is ready!  Simple but fine. Enjoying the meal.
Conversation over the meal. A second boat shares our destinations. Yuval opens his oud case for some music. Malcolm and Joshkun provide harmony and percussion. The old friends perform. Last chance to cool off.

Back to Foça, we go our individual ways for dinner or snack. I had to get another chocolate pastry. The next morning we travel to Izmir to catch an airplane to Istanbul. 

Passing a regatta as we return to port.          

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