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The diverse legacy of this unusual gifted family proves that beautiful, powerful art can both serve as a window into history, and yet transcend time."

                                                                                                    — DeWitt Cheng


Of diverse careers, formally trained in art or self-taught with integral talent, whether WPA artist, scientist-illustrator, or specialist with an eye toward fashion or architecture, the family Bibel reflects their long lineage of craftsmen and designers with their own contemporary approaches. This book surveys their work over decades and generations. While several of them focus their social and political perspectives in era-spanning protest, others explore Eastern philosophy and craft and media of popular culture. They never left behind the innate childhood drive for creativity and artistic expression. Featured is Leon Bibel,* noted artist of the 1930s Great Depression, who later developed graphic wood constructions and architectural Judaica. Also included are example works of Debra Jan Bibel, Philip Bibel, Bennett Bibel, Elaine Bibel Cater, Sarah Bibel, Jacob Bibel, Malachi Bibel, and Brianna Bibel.

Foreword by art critic and historian DeWitt Cheng.  254 pages. Hundreds of color images. Hardbound.

ISBN 978-0-9634067-2-9 
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