Photographs with Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

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Getting to Tblisi, Georgia, took more than a day of travel from San Francisco via Munich (with 5 hour layover).  Arrived in Tiblisi at 4:30 a.m. Americans do not required a visa for Georgia and Armenia. The first day is a stroll around the neighborhood, adjusting to new time zone and  jet lag. The weather was pleasant but windy.

Our hotel. A very hard mattress was unwelcome, and the TV did not work. (TV gives me insights into the culture, even if I do not understand the language.)

A walk around the nearby streets lead to this corner park and a backgamman game. Contemplating the next move. A corner bodega in the old part of the city. Balconies typically with iron grill work are architectural features. Georgia has no Starbucks but it does have McDonald's; it serves as a suitable landmark when wandering around the streets. Brick cobblestone intersection.

On a main thoroughfare, a classic building of the early Soviet period.

A modern building keeping up tradition: grill work on balconies.

A full shot for perspective.

A stunning building with a repeating mosaic design. Of course, the Business Center is named Mosaic.


Another unusual building with growing plant walls.


More distance perspective. Columns and balconies make a peculiar architecture. In the old city.
The young urban professional artist, technical geek, and entrepreneur hang at this converted factory, Fabrika, which offers a hostel and workspaces.  Restaurants and shops in the courtyard.
A pottery shop along the plaza. The exterior of the complex is filled with artistic social and political graffiti.



Moving left, more illustrations. Further left toward the middle of the building. One witty example.

Entrance; symbols of mythology and legend.


We cross over this convex bridge....



....and discovered this complex of outdoor and interior seating.

A decorative wall along the path. More folk cookery items. An inviting environment and tables. Bottled water in Georgia is required; sparking mineral water and plain water are both served. Georgia has been making wine for thousands of years and is a source of national pride.

Yuval and Jaime welcome the tour with a story and a song.



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