Photographs with Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

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The concert in the Tblisi Opera House of the Didgori Ensemble and the Yuval Ron Ensemble was scheduled for the evening. Having some free time in the morning, several tour members decided to examine a museum of instruments.

Spotting this notice on an earlier walk in the area, we were eager to visit.

With members of the museum staff. Drums: diplipito, darra, and a small doli. Chuniri fiddles, a qanun, and the changi harp. The development of the chuniri; some examples are like Medieval viols. Eventually, the instrument had skin top. Sheperd's horns.

Two pilili flutes and a gjudastviri bagpipe.

Gjudastviri bagpipes.

Soinari panpipes and salmuri flutes.

Salmuri flutes and photo of goblet of same era.

Panduri lutes.

Carved backs of panduri.

Chonguri, larger lutes. Note mid-neck peg, like a 5-string banjo. Accordions, big and small. Accordion with flower decoration.
Besides instruments of Georgia, the museum includes pieces from neighboring Azerbaijan. These are tars, lutes with metallic strings.
Kamanche spiked fiddles, here lacking their bows.
An oud and an ornate Turkish saz.



Frame drums are daf. An old gramophone, part of the record player collection. A Edison roll player.

Wind-up players; rare mini disc unit.

The first of a series of music boxes.

Roll drum music box..


Disc peg music box.

Holed disc music box. Player piano. Small portable piano. Ready for moving. Elaborate roll music box.
> After the concert, members of both Ensembles and some tour members went to a restaurant for celebratory toasts and singing that lasted into the early morning. I was not among them, being too old for such long hours and carousing.    

Sorbet of frozen finely minced mixed fruit [advertised as ice cream] prepared at the stall before our eyes.
The Didgori Ensemble in concert. [Entire concert video in DVD collection] The Yuval Ron Ensemble in concert. [Entire concert video in DVD collection]      



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