Photographs with Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

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We leave Jaisalmer and in the afternoon we visit a nomadic Romani encampment in the desert. The Sapera, known to be snake charmers, perform dances called kalbelia.  The color and movement enchants.

Daughters of nomads. Three chaps The curious, with goats in the background. Sindhi sarangi player. Other musicians play the harmonium, the dholak, a riqq tambourine, and, with the fellow at the left, khartal wooden clappers. A dancer in traditional costume.

Dancer #2

A third dancer with a simpler but more colorful costume.

'Tis interesting that the Romani all have camera phones and related media to record their own dances.


Excitement! Note the bells attached to the ankle

The singer also expresses the joyous beat.

Reviewing the performance. Ah, technology!


The khartal player dances with his clicks. Now, two dancers spin. Synchronizing hand movements. Jaime plays his own riqq. Now, three dancers come into the circle. The music intensifies.
The eye is mesmerized by whirling colors. The middle dancer, a young teenager, learns the tradition. A kid (goat) is tenderly petted. Stock image of our hotel: Indana Palace, in Jodpur. Another stock image. We arrived late, had dinner, slept, and left the next morning.  


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