Photographs by Dinah Berland and Karen Bergen, digitally edited by Debra Jan Bibel

Commentary by Dinah Berland & Debra Jan Bibel

   Music: Campiña Andaluza (Alegrais) [Sabicas; Grandes Figures du Flamenco. Vol. 14 / Chante du Monde] 

As mentioned, our journey was one of music, history, and surprising lunches.  Here then are images of some of the dishes served us.  When Eduardo arranged meals, or when our gypsy hosts prepared dinners, we never ordered food. It just arrived.   We trusted Eduardo and here is why . . .


     Las Cuevas de Luis Canelas, a traditional restaurant near the
     Plaza Mayor:

     Tapas of mushrooms and crab croquettes.


     [DJB: The house wine was excellent, too.]







     CARMONA (outside Sevilla)

     Restaurante y Meson Molino de la Romera:
     Tapas of espinacas (spinach) with chickpeas, and squash with
     cheese and toasted bread.


     [DJB: Carmona was an optional side trip that I did not choose.
     I missed some great food!]


     Partridge casserole with hummus and balsamic vinegar.


     Seafood brochette with prawns.

     Traditional white gazpacho, made with almonds and garlic.



     Casa Pilates, a restaurant dedicated to the bullfight, with
     posters of  bullfights and actual bulls' heads on the walls:

     Plates of fried fish with espinacas in the background.


     Méson Don Raimundo, a former convent in the architecturally beautiful
     Santa Cruz Quarter, near the Alcazar, gourmet dishes based on
     centuries-old recipes:

     Eggplant stuffed with quince, battered, and lightly fried.


     [DJB: I love eggplant and this dish, with the additional of fruit, was superb.]

     Lamb chops with assorted grilled vegetables.
     Compote of oranges, apricots, and pears(?), stewed in white wine with
     cinnamon and cloves, drizzled with cream and sprinkled with toasted
     sesame seeds. The best dessert of the entire trip!  


     [DJB: My favorite desserts, pastries, were elsewhere, but this was
     certainly the most elaborate and refreshing.]

   ANTEQUERA (on the road to Granada)

     Restaurant La Espuela at Plaza de Toros (a bull ring.):

     Huge, tasty paella with chicken and fish only.


     [DJB:  I went back for thirds!]



     La Cruz Blanco

     Scallops in the shell.



     La Mimbre, a patio restaurant outside the walls of the Alhambra:

     Mixed salad of cut lettuce and vegetables, similar to the salads we had
     at almost every meal in Spain, except prettier.


     [DJB: Indeed, I was struck by the absence of leafy lettuce throughout our journey.]

     In the caves of Sacromonte:


     Lovely spinach salad and tapas of marinated asparagus, mushrooms,
     squares of tortilla (egg omelet), cheeses and meats, and tiny cups of
     tomato gazpacho.



     [Photo by DJB]


DJB:  I do not know about others on our journey, but I gained weight. Traveling allows us, even obliges us, to taste new, or at least indigenously prepared, foods. These dishes are only a small sampling of our meals. We hope that you enjoyed the viewing. Did we whet your appetite?




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