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Stripes are powerful. There is implied movement, as a staircase or a flow of water.  Stripes draw the eye upwards as in a forest, or deeper, as in corrugation, or peripherally, as in land and seascapes. Stripes of many colors are cheerful, but if restricted to black and white, they become sad, agitating, and  imprisoning.  Stripes, juxtaposed perpendicularly or out of phase, can create depth.  Stripes are typically narrow but can be mixed in width to produced varied effects. Bibel explores stripes in the paintings here.

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution

The Stripes Series


See also the Op series, which incorporates stripes.




Firefall (Yosemite Night) (2001)
28 36  in., stained plywood is part of painting

Amazonia (2002), 24 36 in.

150 Miles East (2002), 24 36 in.

Fireflies (2003), 24 30 in.

(2002), 30 40 in.

Frankye's Blues (2002) *
24 28 in.  Plywood is part of  the painting.

Gobi 'Tween Us (2002), 48 24 in. O Bay (2003), 48 24 in. Legend (2002), 36 24 in.

The Garden (2002), 30 42 in.
Plywood is part of the painting.
Religious Piece (2002), 48 43.5 in.
Plywood is part of the painting.
Turning Point (2002), 48 48 in.
Plywood is part of the painting.
Voyage to a New Land (2003), 48 24 in.* Architexture (1999), 48 24 in.
  Orbit (2003), 36 24 in. United Nations (1998), 28.3 28.3 in.*


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