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Left Dubai with no sleep at 4:00 a.m. for Delhi aboard an Emirates Air Boeing 777, and became a sardine; but 3 hours later (I think, since India has a weird time zone that differs by 30 minutes), I was picked up at the airport and transported to the nearby Holiday Inn. One needs to pass through security, metal detectors, and X-ray screening of carry on bags to enter the hotel. The Kashmir dispute and Pakistani terrorists remain a problem in India. The next morning began our official tour.

This photograph is of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi author of a remarkable collection of mystical essays relating to sound and to music.

Some display writings of this Pir in his shrine, dargah. I read his book, which is a classic of mystical literature. Another display case. Entrance to the dargah. Symbol of Sufi Order International, now renamed as the Inayati Order. Inside the meeting room, Yuval and Jeremy perform an appropriate song.

Our travelers listen.

More members.

Yuval's daughter Silan, son Julien, and wife Carolyne. [credit: Andrea Vasconcellos]

With Yuval and our Tour Director, Sajida Ben-Tzur, who was raised in Sufism.

Formal marker at an adjunct building.

Brochure of a community vocational and  educational program and health center developed by the Sufi organization.




The Project Executive Director, Samiur Rahman. Shrine of Hazrat Inayat Khan. Musical honors in the evening.



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