Photographs with Commentary by Debra Jan Bibel

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Still in Jaisalmer, we visit in the morning the beautiful Lake Gadsisar and find some familiar lads. But many long travels to foreign lands have a hazard, and as a medical microbiologist, I know them too well.

We approach the lake from the street. A fantasy. The beauty of this Indian morning. Pavilions and steps stretch into the distance. Sajida and some familiar faces in festive attire. Close-up of these young singers.

Becoming professional.

Preparing for the performance with Chugge Khan, harmonium, and dholak.

The singing begins.

Time to dance.

The youngster dips.

A grand finish.


Then our group's women come to dance. In the next pavilion we find a puppeteer. The dancing puppet moves to the ground. The juggler. The puppet's ball shoots up. Continuing the juggle while sitting.
The old part of the city with its rich ornamentation. Yuval hears and then bows a ravanhatha, a one-string fiddle played by Bohpa bards. Bargaining ensures and Yuval makes a deal to purchase the fine instrument. A CD of the instrument sweetens the agreement. Classic features. Another building. Close-up for details.
The afternoon was slated to travel to dunes to have a concert with Mangniyar musicians under the stars.  Alas, I was suddenly struck with the 3-day stomach flu, a virus that spread through the group. Too sick to participate, I remained on the bus in misery. The following images from fellows tourists  fill in the blanks..........
A couple provides some personal color. Arches and balconies. Not all buildings in the area are old. This one under construction keeps the district's ornate style.   The travelers mount camels or ride in cars to the dunes. Sunset.




A dhol and dholak drums and harmonium. Yuval joins the musicians, who also play the kamacha banjo-fiddle and the jantar, with gourd resonators.        


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